Reflets - Réflexions

La Défense - Paris - Marseille - Berlin


The photographs presented here belong to a series entitled Reflets – Réflexions.
Conveniently, French has these two similar but different words to describe reflections as in “mirror images”, and reflections as in “thought processes”. At the same time, like most of my photographs, they are motivated by the desire to “catch the ephemeral”: Saisir l'éphémère.
This may seem a strange concept in conjunction with buildings, constructed for eternity, at least in the intentions of their proud creators. Buildings don't change rapidly; there seems to be no hurry in catching their images. However, I am less interested in monitoring change over a longer period of time than in showing the ephemeral nature of a subject in a single image.
The reflection of buildings in the glass surfaces de-constructs them, sometimes just leaving a fleeting image, floating without gravity, a blurred memory of the original structure. At the slightest change of light, the image disappears, reminding us of the ephemeral character of everything we construct.
The first reflections I consciously noticed struck me by surprise: I had never seen them before when passing the same spot. Had they always been there? Would they be there tomorrow?
Now, these fleeting reflections have become my memory of the places they depict. They supersede the “real” images I might have had in my mind before.
All of these photographs beg the question of how we see and what thoughts are provoked by our seeing. In the best case, they will reveal new horizons of vision.

Hans-Josef Jeanrond